"Deep in the Heart" of Texas


To give you an idea of how bad Hurricane Harvey is and how many musicians it will affect: last year when the historic flood happened in Baton Rouge, it took two weeks to connect with 30 musicians and months to finally find out who else was in crisis.

In one day with Harvey, we have heard from about 70. This is not a good sign.
We spoke to a musician couple today with a 9-month-old and a 3-year-old who are at a holding tank. They were forced to evacuate their home when the water was just barely at their door and were told the house is now completely underwater.

We heard from a great GRAMMY-nominated musician/producer who is in his 70's and recorded the greats (even Stevie Ray Vaughan). The roof of his historic studio collapsed. Everything is gone.

Another couple with no children is in a fall-out shelter with their two dogs. After Katrina, when they lost everything, they moved to Houston, stayed in Texas, and started their lives again. They finally found stability, only to lose it once more.

The musicians are starting to pour in, and we need you dearly now to give whatever you are able so we can begin to help in the weeks and months ahead. Our success in saving these musicians depends on you.

Your donation will provide miracles like basic necessities, clothing, bedding, instrument replacement, home cleaning and decontamination, rent/mortgage payments, car repairs, home reconstruction and financial support.

We brought over 1,000 musicians back after Katrina, by rehousing families, creating paying gigs, and donating top shelf instruments. We were there for hundreds affected by Superstorm Sandy and rebuilt the homes of the musicians who lost everything in last year's devastating floods in Baton Rouge.

We are here again for the musicians of Texas, who have brought us some of the greatest music that America has given to the world. Together with you, we will restore their homes and livelihoods.



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