In our efforts to create employment for artists and to develop a new generation of listeners and performers, JFA acts as a fiscal sponsor for Jazz Generation.

Jazz Generation is a jazz education and performance initiative founded by our Advisory Committee member James Polsky, and it creates playing opportunities for children and adults in separate, yet complementary, programs.


For more information on these programs and how you can get involved, visit

jazz foundation Special Projects

Josh Benko Repair Fund

Meet Matt, an accomplished composer, arranger, and keyboardist with maturity and musical depth well beyond his years.
Special Projects: Josh Benko Repair Fund

Young Artists

Meet our Young Artists Matt, Alexis and Brandon. These musicians possess maturity and musical depth well beyond their years.
special projects: Young Artists

The Last Note

Our collaboration with the renowned photographer Richard Corman is an archive of New Orleans musicians and their stories.
special projects: The Last Note

support disaster relief for musicians

Your support goes to decontaminating homes, housing payments, instrument
repair/replacement, and basic necessities.

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