The mission of the Jazz Foundation of America is to provide compassionate support services for jazz and blues musicians in need and to preserve and pass on the cultural legacy of the music now and for generations to come.

Last year, we began collaborating with renowned photographer Richard Corman, who has been capturing poignant moments of human triumph for over three decades.

Our project, entitled “The Last Note,” is an archive of photos and videos that captures the history, the successes, and the challenges that New Orleans musicians have faced throughout their lives and especially in the last decade. Preview the photos below:

We are thrilled to share this preview with you and hope that you will support the project. We envision great potential in this body of work. “The Last Note” may become a book, an exhibition that will travel the world, and/or a documentary to share these musicians’s heartbreaking and inspirational stories.

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All proceeds from “The Last Note” will be reinvested in Jazz Foundation programs so
that we can continue to provide a safety net for our treasured artists in times of crisis.

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