1000W is a multi-dimensional project that centers on 1,000 ink washes, painted by acclaimed fine artist, Jim Watt. Using a unique Japanese Sumi ink and water on paper technique, created with inspiration from real-time accompaniment of jazz trumpet player, Antoine Dyre, along with other musicians, and being filmed by Danny Clinch.

Through the sale of these paintings, Watt hopes to raise $250,000 for the community of jazz and blues artists musicians across the nation, who continue to reel from years of lost wages post pandemic, in addition to the many challenges many jazz musicians face.

These one-of-a-kind paintings are now available to the public and can be purchased individually or in multiples. Each unframed black ink on white canvas panel, signed by the artist, is available at  $500 per piece. For every 1,000W paintings purchased, the Artist will donate $350 to the Jazz Foundation of America’s Musicians’ Emergency Fund to provide immediate and essential support.


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